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happy hands

During my last year of undergrad studying art history, I wrote my big thesis paper on 'hands.' Specifically, neurotic hands from Viennese portraiture aka the best kind. Oskar Kokoschka and Egon Schiele are some of my all around favorite guy artists (I'm more of a lady artist fan if you didn't already know...) and it was fascinating getting to research early twentieth century beliefs about the links between psychology and the physical appearance of the body. Perhaps my favorite aspect of modernism was how all areas of the arts, philosophy and sciences intersected and directly influenced each other which is clearly evident if you compare Viennese portraiture and  photographs from scientific studies of the time . While that hasn't been completely lost in contemporary art, I don't ever really get the impression that such a wide range of overlap happens today.

That being said, I've really been digging all the hand prints on the runway and on objects by my favorite makers. While some of these hands have more of a mythical and astrological feel, I like to think that there's a slight nod to an earlier era of art and design.  

(Images: Stine Goya AW14, Kaye Blegvad, Opening Ceremony AW14, Kaye Blegvad


some fashion campaigns

I'm not really a fashion victim in the traditional sense of the phrase -- though I thoroughly enjoy watching trends unfold, the things I actually like wearing tend to remain true to a fairly narrow set of elements (mostly black and blue, lots of menswear-inspired pieces, natural fabrics.)  But I still feel like the label applies to me, mostly because labels themselves mean something to me...I absolutely fangirl certain designers and fashion houses, and I can actually think of plenty of positive things about how it's made me a more conscious consumer. But I'm also totally aware that at the end of the day, everyone's just out to sell you something and that is abundantly clear to me whenever I find myself looking at campaigns (literal advertisements!) and thinking "I love this so, so much."  Still, there are some very creative, beautifully weird campaigns out there and, being the sucker I am, I just want to share some that I think are really great with you.

Acne Studios SS13 shot by William Wegman

Mark Borthwick for Maison Martin Margiela (originally found via Carly's tumblr)

Kenzo F/W 13

Comme des Garçons



 Last month (or was it the month before? time's been passing by quickly lately) Carly and I saw a James Turrell exhibit at the MFAH. I didn't go in with any particularly strong opinions about his work and didn't leave caring much about how it all fits into the bigger picture, but I knew that what I had just seen fit in very well with where my head has been lately.  

It also totally reminded me of Phillip Lim's most recent (and very good) runway collection:

I strongly recommend viewing these images alongside a soundtrack of hazy pop songs about light, air, dreams, sadness, and yearning. It's what suits my mood, anyway. 


thoroughly digging right now: bluish edition


I recently came across the Etsy of illustrator Laura Bird and I want all of her hand painted totes and ceramics.


Okay, I'm always all about sad songs, but here are a few that have been ripping my heart up lately.

I don't know that I would have pegged Usher to be an artist to so clearly drive home the feeling of total loss (despite previously gifting us with excellent sad songs like "U Remind Me" and "U Got it Bad"), but whenever I listen to "Climax", I feel completely gutted and put it on repeat. 

Every once and a while, I'll go on a major Broadcast kick, and I'm on one now and "Goodbye Girls" is my favorite Broadcast song.  I like my music to be either super angsty or catchy as fuck (best when both are combined), and so sounding pretty is rarely a priority.  Broadcast manages to go 3 for 3...though perhaps "haunting" is a bit more accurate than "catchy" and cooler, anyway. 

I attended exactly one real college party when I was in college, and it wasn't even at the college I went to and I spent the better part of it huddled in a corner bonding over Sandy Denny adoration.  At some point, I should do a proper rundown of my favorite troubled folk goddesses, because there was a time in my life when that was the only thing I ever wanted to talk about.  


The Pacific print from Lotfi's Spring/Summer collection is very good and I totally love the idea of having a pretty dress that reminds me of going to the ocean since I will not be spending time with a clear blue sea any time soon.


Earlier this week, I got suddenly, violently ill.  It was gross and painful and once the worst of it had finally passed, I looked in the mirror and upon seeing my sunken-in eyes and scraggly mess of hair, assumed that I lost about 20 pounds in 24 hours. Realistically, though,  it was probably only like 13 pounds.  To make myself feel better, I picked up a copy of Lisa Hanawalt's brand new book, and it was absolutely the right choice.  Though I certainly wouldn't say that you need to (perhaps overdramatically) feel like you narrowly avoided death to enjoy it, I'm sure my state of delirium added to the experience.  I'm on the mend now, and I fully stand by any work that begins by positing the question "What do dogs want??" and recommends training goats to be pickpockets.


steven alan optical

Totally digging this new Warby Parker-esque line of eyewear fresh from Steven Alan with relatively low prices for a pair of frames + lenses and the beloved home try-on (and the fun Photo Booth modeling sessions). Personally I haven't had much luck myself with glasses I've ordered from the internet, my high prescription just makes it impossible for them to not make eyes hurt and feel a little funky but maybe it's time to try again?

A really was into the collaboration WP and SA did a few years back, lots of clear vintage inspired frames so I'm extra pleased to see there's a myriad of different multi-colored translucent frames.

All are available on

The Douglas in Crystal Bottle Green

The Thayer in Rose

The Francis in Crystal Chestnut

Also, on a side note, Tricia and I are in the planning stages of a new journal project filled with interviews and illustrations about fangirling. If this sounds like something that would be up your alley and / or you've been wanting to talk about all the things you really like for a while on paper, send us an email! 


spring prints

No. 6 Lavendar and Astrological printed silk tops and skirts for spring - be still my heart.

all from no. 6 daily 


nice things

After a stretch of feeling weighed down by material possessions, guilty for spending any money at all, and totally turned off by the idea of nesting/putting down roots/approaching any sense of investment, I went on a serious luxury goods envy streak this weekend. Such is the natural ebb and flow, I guess. 

To celebrate(?), here are a few things I have my eye on now that I'm back to having my eye on things.  

Let's start this off with true fantasy wardrobe!  This isn't gonna be on my back anytime soon, and if I were in the position to buy an Acne leather jacket, I'd probably go for solid black because I guess even when I'm dreamin' I have to think practically. But I want you to know that I fully believe in this particular incarnation.  Add denim to everything! 

Supreme x Vans x New Order

Though I am certainly not an anti-wedding person (there are flowers! and booze! isn't love really great?), I am definitely not a person who grew up dreaming of what my wedding would look like if getting married ever seemed like a good idea to me. On several occasions, I have actually tried to force myself to imagine if there were any sort of wedding I would like to have while listening to other people plan theirs, but I always came up with absolutely nothing. Not even a single detail of a wedding dress I might be into wearing or whether I wanted to have it like on Mars or on a boat or whatever.  

That is until whether or not I'd ever do a "theme" wedding came up in conversation.  As a joke, I said that I would base my hypothetical-totally-not-happening-in-the-foreseeable-future wedding on New Order's Power, Corruption, and Lies. But, of course, immediately after I heard the words escape my mouth, I decided that that is actually exactly what my dream wedding would be.  

Now, when I say that I would base my wedding on Power, Corruption  and Lies, I'm talking mostly about the cover (but dancing to "Blue Monday" is also a requirement.)  The cool thing about the artwork for this album (besides being an iconic representation of one of my favorite things in life, moody florals) is that it also started as a joke that ended up seeming like a really good idea! And it was an excellent idea! And now it's inspired some sneakers! And I really want those sneakers! 

Polly Wales Constellation Ring

This is a fancy ring.  I can't have it. Since I've been talking about fantasy shopping and dream weddings, I guess I could tie everything together and say that it would make a cool engagement/wedding ring, but I'm totally weirded out by the idea of expensive rings for that purpose.  So like, let's just look at this ring and not talk about it, alright?  

My current wallet has seen much better days since I bought it whenever Poketo did stuff with Target, and now the Mike Perry print is just a weary ghost of its former cheerful self.  I've been meaning to invest in a Big Girl Wallet for ages, and I think this is my favorite I've come across.  I'm trying to keep the things I wear/carry on my person that don't look like stormy skies to a minimum right now, and this is especially lovely.

I've been wanting a baseball cap for a while, because fashion exists primarily to make you spend money on things that you never in a million years that you would even like or want!  It's definitely inspired in part by my unwavering devotion to all things Kristen Stewart (except, you know, her film career which I have yet to check out. But I'm sure it's great!)

So yeah, I was already admiring Kstew's collection of hats she swiped from Robert Pattinson and then my friend Dana took a break from making me laugh really hard to get a nice new haircut that looks good with her rad Kenzo cap and I was like "how do I become Dana?" and so I checked out Opening Ceremony's hat offerings.   These are just a couple of my favorites, but they've got plenty I'd love to have perched on my head this summer.