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Fangirl is a corner of the internet carved out for a little old fashioned appreciation in the digital age.  It was started by Carly and Tricia with the intention of sharing our favorite things, supporting the work of people we really like, and having some fun along the way. Our focus is primarily on emerging talent and D.I.Y. spirit, but anything’s fair game for inspiration.

We recently opened an online shop to offer a range of fun, affordable goods created by cool girls. You should check it out!

We'd love to hear from you about potential collaborations, cool stuff you're doing, your persian cat, or anything else you want to share! Email us at hellofangirl@gmail.com



Tricia hopes to one day have a dog of her very own, but until then, she has humans, an orange cat, and an increasingly inexplicable record collection to keep her company. She writes, makes keychains, and co-hosts a podcast called Why Would You Do That? devoted to misguided attempts at self improvement.

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Carly enjoys weekend adventures consisting of lounging, decorating, eating delicious food and scouting out neighborhood dream cats.

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Blog header & branding by Naomi Elliot. She's great! 

P.S. We used to have a blog called Ventricular Projects. You can read about the switchover to Fangirl here.

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