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Carly and I  first became aware of Olive Vintage when we stopped by Domy Books with our friend Sara (predictably) on the hunt for the new issue of  The Gentlewoman a little while back. Apparently, we hadn't been in a while, because we were excited to find two new stores within the store - Olive Vintage and Paper Party.  Domy didn't have The Gentlewoman yet (but don't worry about us - the issue in question was acquired at a later date), but we each walked away with a little something.  

Olive Vintage carries a mix of vintage treasures and new accessories.  Laura Uhlir, the stylist & photographer behind the shop, has answered some questions for us about our some of our favorite subjects, like clothes and tacos.  For more, be sure to check out her blog and Rad Lady, which features her beautiful portraits of creative Texas women and their homes.

Some shots from Rad Lady
Predictable but we have to ask - what are you currently "fangirling" over? 

Well, I must admit, I'm a huge fangirl of Whitney Bickers of Myrtle in LA. I've admired her shop & vision from afar for some time now. She mixes independent designers & vintage beautifully & seems to have her finger on the pulse of all the right things. And she's super friendly to boot - can't beat that!

Fieldguided.  Editor's note: I have this and unlike most things in my life, it has not disappointed me.

Who is your favorite "icon" of the past? 

Oh gosh, it's almost impossible to narrow it down to one. I've always admired Diane Keaton, Dolly Parton, Diana Vreeland, Stevie Nicks, Laurie Anderson, Nico, Audrey Hepburn, my grandma....

What are some of your favorite items in stock at Olive Vintage at the moment? 

Well, of course I love everything in my shop, but right now I'm pretty smitten with the latest collection of jewelry from Fortune. The designer, Kim, takes vintage jewelry, breaks them down and reworks them into unexpectedly gorgeous pieces. They're truly something special. I'm also digging Scout & Catalogue's cool Mexico inspired, hand dyed clutches, Strathcona Stockings' printed knee highs, a bevy of well worn jean jackets and Saipua's soaps. They keep the shop smelling lovely so I must count them among my favorites!

As for holiday gifts you can't go wrong with dainty classic jewelry. I've got minimal gold bar necklaces, stackable thread rings, vintage gold knot rings, geometric stud earrings, simple gold cuffs and all sorts of other pieces in between. Vintage pocket knives, a hand stitched Noah Marion wallet or sunglasses make nice gifts if you're on the prowl for a dude friend. And Fieldguided canvas totes & their Dream Cats 2013 calendar would make a nice treat for just about anyone.

Strathcona Stockings

What is your favorite taco in Austin? 

Easy one: migas taco on corn, all the way at Tacos Veracruz on Cesar Chavez. Hands down the best in town.

What is the most worn item of clothing in your closet right now? 

 I definitely have a uniform. It usually goes something like this: boxy tee or silk blouse, cropped or cuffed straight cut jeans, ankle boots & loads of jewelry. I think my Rachel Comey Mars boots round out that combo most often. I've got them in lavender nubuck, red suede & leopard leather -- yes, I have a problem.

Thanks, Laura!

P.S. I haven't been to Tacos Veracruz. Someone go with me, because this is a problem.

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  1. Ooh, that looks like a lovely shop. I want the thistle! If I'm ever in Texas...