sissy spacek

Every year, on or around Halloween, I watch Carrie (obviously) and then I need to watch everything Sissy Spacek did in the seventies. She's one of those rare talents that simultaneously charms you and leaves you feeling a little uneasy because of just how well she taps into her characters' vulnerability.

So naturally, no matter how many times I watch these movies, her performances (and the films themselves) don't leave me right away. This year, the visuals from Badlands and 3 Women are creeping into my life in a big way and I find myself wanting to dress like I'm on the run from the law or trying to make a new life for myself in Southern California.  And maybe actually run from the law and make a new life for myself in Southern California?


I kind of already dress like I'm in Badlands (if you ever told my closet that people make clothing in colors besides blue, it would be shocked) so I guess it's not fashion inspiration per se as much as it is something that makes me feel like I'm already cool since President Bartlett and our girl Sissy look very good in this movie.

I hated paisley for a long time and now I'm super into paisley. A touching love story, right? I want to buy this Falconwright clutch to commemorate the beautiful journey paisley and I have gone on together.

I don't know if any of you have been following the new Terrence Malick project (possibly two different movies?), but he's been filming at basically every music festival in Austin for at least a year now.  It's weird, first and foremost, because he's well known as a bit of a shut in so him constantly being out in a recognizable positon at places where there are tons of people desperate to catch a glimpse of Ryan Gosling is odd.  And then the scenes themselves....I guess in this movie, Rooney Mara is a member of the Black Lips?  So she's been playing on stage with them and apparently Val Kilmer is involved somehow just doing weird shit. When Carly and I saw Patti Smith (more on that later!) in October, Rooney Mara was brought on stage and sat in a chair while Patti serenaded her and Rooney just stared at her feet looking awkward as a camera crew swarmed her.  Anyway, my point is, I'm curious to see how the whole thing turns out because it just kinda seems like a mess from an outsider's perspective.  

Here's a photo of Patti Smith and Sissy Spacek to tie things together!

3 Women
Thank you, Robert Altman, for paring Shelley Duvall and Sissy Spacek together as incredibly stylish frenemy roommates.  Style wise, it's the perfect counterpart to Badlands.  My natural instinct is to turn to denim and button downs for all life scenarios, but this movie makes me want to open my heart to gauzy pastels.  It's very different from your standard Girl on the Verge Uniform, but ethereal destruction is totally as creepy as it gets, right?  



  1. spent the last 2 hrs loving every inch of your blog!! keep it up! I think its my new favorite,

    and I swear they used to use the badlands theme in baby commercials when I was a kid.. I SWEAR!

    1. ohmygod, i must track down these commercials! it would actually make my life.

      thanks for reading!