planter workshop at myth & symbol

You might remember Myth & Symbol from when I stopped by as they were prepping to open up shop and I was prepping to exercise some serious self control by not buying one of everything.  Not only is the brick & mortar store up and running (and beautiful!) now, but they've set up an online shop for all y'all who can't make their way down for a visit.  

Trang & Chau just hosted their first workshop at the store, and I'm happy that I was able to attend and make some hanging planters with a gaggle of cool girls.  

My new planter hanging out at my window.  I sort of started painting this design absent-mindedly and before I even realized what my inspiration was, someone complimented me on my birch tree planter and I realized I was making a birch-inspired planter. But I totally was and everyone seemed to understand that.  

Some shots from the workshop itself:

Painting, roping, and lots of Samantha Pleet happening! 

Chau repotting my Aloe. 

 Celebrating a job well done! 

And a few swiped from Instagram:

So serious about my "random but actually on purpose" black lines.

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