leah goren

Leah Goren just gets it, y'all.  

It's a real problem in my adult life that I'm trying to figure out how and when to compartmentalize certain (huge) parts of myself.  Is it appropriate to let this person know how angsty I am? Should I buy flowers or groceries? Does this need a cat on it?  Should I text Drake lyrics in response to a serious question if I truly believe that Drizzy said it better than I ever could? 

Somehow, Leah's work occupies that space where I don't really need definitive answers to those questions that, yes, are always popping up in my head.  I can look at her illustrations and they suit whatever I'm going through at that moment, and I think that's what makes her focus on textiles and surface pattern so perfect. Any given day, I'm gonna go through a pretty intense spectrum of feelings, and even her supercute floral patterns can turn moody in an instant if need be, so to have them on my person feels foolproof. 

I've been enjoying the past couple years-ish of watching Leah's career grow & counting her as a trusty internet friend, and over the summer, I finally got to hang out with her (for what I hope was only the first time) IRL. Here are some photos from a very rainy day in July when I was visiting New York and stopped by Leah, Dylan, and Moses’ apartment (read up on what the three of them are up to on A Future Present.)

We're psyched to be offering a tote bag printed just for Fangirl with Leah's design.  Our shop will be up soon, but until then, you can check it out on Leah's Etsy & blog.  

Leah Goren bear dress with Leah Goren floral tote + flowers and Mindy Kaling for good measure. 

Thanks for fangirling, Leah! 

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