paul juno

Really digging artist Paul Juno's marbled paintings lately. Prints (very affordable ones at that) of some of his pieces are available for sale in his web shop.


Small amounts of helium


ransparent actinolite is rare


things we love: zine edition

It might not come as a surprise that we're super magazines & zines fan girls around here. Tricia shared a few of her favorite book and magazines a while back and I thought it was time for me to finally share mine.

I tend to be more conservative with my personal print purchases due to limited storage space in my apartment but I've been lucky enough to co-curate a small pop up zine shop this year at MASS Gallery here in Austin which has been a dream. With much more space available in the shop, I've had the chance to get to talk to some of my favorite zinesters and artists and finally get my hands on all the zines and magazines I've been admiring from afar for months. A handful of the ones on my list are featured in the shop while others I have bought for myself - so basically I can guarantee you that all of these are 100% awesome IRL.


1. Wayside by Leah Stewart

I've been super tempted to snag a copy of Wayside from the shop to add to my own collection. It's vibrant and has lots of flowers, making it essentially perfect.

Synonym is an Austin-based magazine currently on its third issue. For a magazine focused on art and fashion, I was both surprised and pleased to find it had a sense of humor. Nothing is more of a bummer  to me than the combiantion of impeccable taste and being super serious about it. The graphic design and layouts in the newest issue are A+. 

s y n o n y m • issue 3 from Michael A. Muller on Vimeo.

3. You're a Pain in the Ass by Anna Wanda Gogusey & Roca Balboa

If the app Lulu was a zine, this would be it. Anna and Roca on dating and men and how much both suck.

4.  Hello, My Name is Mark Rothko by Thomas Murphy

A little silly and a lot sad - the ideal mini-bio about the Abstract Expressionist in zine form. Spoiler alert: there's no happy ending here.

5. New Entities by Liana Jegers

Risograph zine printed by Chicago zine & print operation, Tan & Loose Press. All the items they create are equally are bright, colorful and fun. I actually got my copy yesterday in the mail and it completely made my day.


happy hands

During my last year of undergrad studying art history, I wrote my big thesis paper on 'hands.' Specifically, neurotic hands from Viennese portraiture aka the best kind. Oskar Kokoschka and Egon Schiele are some of my all around favorite guy artists (I'm more of a lady artist fan if you didn't already know...) and it was fascinating getting to research early twentieth century beliefs about the links between psychology and the physical appearance of the body. Perhaps my favorite aspect of modernism was how all areas of the arts, philosophy and sciences intersected and directly influenced each other which is clearly evident if you compare Viennese portraiture and  photographs from scientific studies of the time . While that hasn't been completely lost in contemporary art, I don't ever really get the impression that such a wide range of overlap happens today.

That being said, I've really been digging all the hand prints on the runway and on objects by my favorite makers. While some of these hands have more of a mythical and astrological feel, I like to think that there's a slight nod to an earlier era of art and design.  

(Images: Stine Goya AW14, Kaye Blegvad, Opening Ceremony AW14, Kaye Blegvad


bianca jagger

Lately I can't shake the feeling of being totally grimy, so naturally all I want to do is look at pictures of impossibly glamorous people. People like Bianca Jagger.

Showing up to her birthday party at Studio 54 on a fucking horse.

More Studio 54

At Halston's apartment shot by Andy Warhol
Getting married in a white YSL suit.


lady planters

So I moved to New York! I can say that now that I have an apartment.  The process took a little longer than intended after having my heart on a place that wasn't meant to be after all, but I'm pleased with where I ended up and totally ecstatic that I managed to get it locked down before the enormous generosity of the series of friends with fluffy cats who let me crash in spare bedrooms dried up.

It's been a little weird so far without an established daily routine (and until kinda recently, no room to call my own) to center me.  Adding to the strangeness: I keep running into people I know or have interacted with in the most fleeting way (internet friends at the grocery store, girls I knew in college who I wish I'd stayed in touch with at a coffee shop, a waiter from brunch saying hi at a bar later on that very boozy day, a musician I interviewed years ago glued to his phone and definitely not grocery shopping at Whole Foods.) It's all left me with the feeling that New York City is somehow the smallest place I've ever lived.

ANYWAY, let's not turn this into a What Moving To New York Was Like For Me thinkpiece. The point of this post was supposed to be that I am hardcore into decorating my new place right now.  Scouring eBay/Etsy (and wherever else I can think of) to see if the geometric copper pull knobs I've envisioned for my dresser exist in real life.  Thinking critically about what kind of quilt is the most me.  Researching varieties of plants won't make my roommate's cat throw up (he looks just like mine, but unlike my own, is a total plant eater.) And then once I have plants, I'll need cute things to put them in!  Currently eyeing these Lady Planters over at The Sill.

Boobs & greenery! What more could you want? Well, actually, a nice mid-century dresser, an actual bed frame, shelves, a closet, more space for it all...but you know what I mean.