WOMEN ARTISTS: Interviews, Volume 2

We collaborated on zine for http://www.women-artists.org & it's now available for pre-order in our shop! We loved getting to work with so many talented lady writers, artists and photographers.

This issue features artists Rochelle Goldberg, Jessi Hamilton, Mary Kang, Caris Reid, Katherine Squier, Amanda Valdez and Kim Westfall with interviews by Anny Crane, Ashlyn Davis, Danea Johnson, Caroline Knowles and Nicole Will. Lovely cover design & titles by Naomi Elliott.

Get it here.


Helen Frankenthaler by Ernst Haas

Favorite lady Helen Frankenthaler photographed in her studio by Ernst Haas in 1969.

Photos from the Ernst Haas Estate.


ashley ronning

My roommate makes fun of my decorating style, which is basically just plants, pictures of plants, and floral patterns. The only way to improve on plant art, of course, is for it to appeal to my proud Emotional Girl status, so Ashley Ronning's work is basically perfect.


New Friends for Anthropologie

We always love a good collaboration that involves best friends & smaller brands, and the New Friends for Anthropologie collaboration is no exception. Personally I always appreciate when designers venture into more utilitarian housewares and I can find some justification for the purchase (not that a beautiful wall weaving isn't a complete necessity...). As with their weavings, the rugs are an ideal balance of textures, neutrals & a splash of neon. And of course, the best part being they're kind of affordable (neither of us are actual adults with adult budgets & incomes but we can dream!).

Images via New Friends


paul juno

Really digging artist Paul Juno's marbled paintings lately. Prints (very affordable ones at that) of some of his pieces are available for sale in his web shop.


Small amounts of helium


ransparent actinolite is rare